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Sponsor A Cat

Become part of our Purr Pack today!

The Whiskers Sponsor-A-Cat program gives you the opportunity to hear the stories of a few our cats and become a proud sponsor of one (or more!) of these beautiful and loving cats. All proceeds will go directly to pay for care, vet visits, medications and other special needs that the cats require. By becoming a member of the Purr Pack, you just provide a minimum donation of $25 towards your cat and you will be given a sponsor packet in return.
** This is a one-time donation.  The Sponsorship Payment Options page will detail how easy it is to become a sponsor.

We want you to know that every Whiskers' cat will benefit from your generous donation. All the residents and volunteers wish to thank you for supporting us!

Purr Pack Levels:

$25: Purr Pack Friend
-Photo of your kitty
-Certificate of Sponsorship
- Recognition of your gift on our website

$50: Purr Pack Family
- Everything at previous level plus,
- Whiskers Magnet

$100 Purr Pack Hero
- Everything at previous levels plus,
- Whiskers Coffee Mug

$250: Purr Pack Guardian Angel
- Everything at previous levels plus,
- Whiskers Tote Bag

Give the Gift of Love
Make a Gift Donation! You can celebrate any person, pet, friendship or occasion including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations while helping us to continue our mission: to rescue, nurture and adopt cats into loving forever homes! With your donation, we will send a sponsor packet on your behalf to the loved one of your choice in celebration of that special event or holiday. You can even write them a personalized message!

Memorial Donations
The memory of a loved one can live on by making a donation to help us love and nurture the cats at our shelter. With your donation, we will send a sponsor packet on your behalf to the loved one’s family.

Matching Gifts
Did you know that many employers will match donations to local charities? Ask them to sponsor a cat too!

Underneath our cats to sponsor, please feel free to read our Where Have The Gone stories about other furry friends!

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Sponsor Me:

Katie Kalee


Klaus gets sponsored!

Thank you, Amy and Heather, for both sponsoring our fluffy, shy guy Klaus. He is a sweetheart!

Thank you, Clyde!

Fuzzy says she is feeling very loved! Thank you very much, Clyde, for your donation.

Target gets sponsored for the holidays!

Thank you, Kathy, for your generous donation to Target on behalf of Clyde. Target is a special, silly guy!

Kelly sponsors again!

Thank you, Kelly, for your continued support throughout the years. Fuzzy says thank you!

Amy sponsors Parfait for Patricia

Thank you, Amy! Parfait is a sweet boy who loves all the extra attention.

Thank you, Elisabeth!

Rosalyn says she had a wonderful holiday, thanks to Elisabeth's gift to Dorota.

Eddie's first sponsorship!

Thank you, Socia's Original Spinning Bowties for sponsoring Eddie. He is one talkative guy and we will be sure to tell him he has been sponsored.

Handsome Parfait says Thank you, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday to Dorota! from Parfait and his fellow cat friends at Whiskers.

Thank you, Socia's Original Spinning Bowties!

Target says 'Thank you' to Kelly Socia for the continued support!

Our ladies man, Carl, was sponsored!

Thank you so much, Keola, for your generous donation to Carl. He will continue to enjoy his time with all his lady friends and amuse the volunteers.

Thank you, Helene!

Millie says 'Thank you' to Helene for her generous donation and support. Millie is a long-time shelter resident and favorite among volunteers.

Dobby is sponsored again!

Thank you, Michele, for sponsoring our special guy, Dobby. He is doing so much better!

Katy Kaylee is sponsored!

Thank you, Socia's Original Spinning Bowties, for sponsoring our queen bee, Katy Kaylee!

Dobby is sponsored again!

Thank you, Maryann, for sponsoring Dobby. He is doing a lot better thanks to all the support he has gotten. Hopefully, he will go to a new home soon!

Dobby's first sponsorship!

Thank you to Socia's Original Spinning Bowties for your continued support of the cats at Whiskers.

Nutterbutter is a popular guy!

Thank you so much, Carol, for sponsoring Nutterbutter. He is a very special guy. Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Socia's Original Spinning Bowties donates again, this time for Nutterbutter!

Thank you, Socia's Original Spinning Bowties, for sponsoring our dear Nutterbutter. Your continued donations are greatly appreciated.

NutterButter gets his first sponsorship!

Thank you, Dan, for sponsoring Nutterbutter. Thanks again for all you do at Whiskers.

Our beautiful Crystal is sponsored!

Thank you, Melissa, for sponsoring Crystal in honor of your father's birthday. She is a special, beautiful lady!

A big Thank You to Socia's Original Spinning Bowties!

Thank you, Socia's Original Spinning Bowties, for sponsoring Oro Kitty. He is such a handsome guy. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Linda!

Linda, thank you so much for your generous donation to Millie. She is one of the sweetest ladies at the shelter.

Franklin Parker and Millie say Thanks!

Thank you, Janet, for sponsoring Franklin Parker and Millie. They are two of our most special residents in the Senior Room at the shelter. They will be sure to enjoy the holiday wishes. Thank you for the donation!

Leonardo is one special guy.

Thank you, Matt, for sponsoring our dear Leonardo for the holidays. He is one lovable guy who has surely won over a lot of hearts.

Oro Kitty gets his first sponsorship!

Oro Kitty, Porcelina and Bogie have all been lucky enough to be sponsored by Sarah. Thank you so much for your donation!

Crystal says Thank you!

Thank you, Heather, for sponsoring our beautiful Crystal. She and her friends in the FIV room are grateful for your donation.

Barrington thanks Lynn!

Thank you, Lynn, for sponsoring our gentle, silly Barrington. He and his buddies in the Senior Room appreciate your donation!

Colleen sponsors three cats!

Thank you, Colleen, for sponsoring Carl, Leonardo and Porcelina. Thanks for all you do at Whiskers!

Thank you, Jennifer!

Millie says thank you for the holiday greetings, Jennifer. Your donation is much appreciated and Millie is a very special, deserving lady.

Our most popular guy

Leonardo says thanks to Rosalie! He is one of our most popular guys. He is a strikingly good looking fellow, and silly and sweet. Thank you so much for the donation!

Leonardo says thanks!

Thank you, James for sponsoring the most handsome guy, Leonardo. Your donation is much needed.

Thank you from Landry!

Thank you to Jaime for sponsoring Landry. His picture is a great birthday gift for Dewey and your donation is greatly appreciated!

Carl says Thank you, Daniel!

Thanks to Daniel for sponsoring our silly, loving Carl. He sure is a favorite among volunteers.

We miss you, Lisa!

Thank you to Lisa for her generous sponsorship of Pesto. Sure all the cats miss you! 

Pesto gets her first sponsor!

Thank you to Heather for sponsoring our cute little Pesto. She is one special girl who has come a long way.

Thank you, Brooke!

Daryl thanks his new sponsor, Brooke. Thank you for all you do for the cats at Whiskers!

Thank you, James!

Thank you, James, for sponsoring Leonardo. He is one of our most beloved and special boys.

Leonardo and Grapefruit are sponsored again!

These special boys are very popular and would like to thank Jo Ann for her loving sponsorship.

Thank you Mary!

Grapefruit thanks Mary for her generous sponsorship. He is a special, silly guy and loves all the attention he has been getting.

Socia's Original Spinning Bowties Sponsors Grapefruit

Thank you, Kelly, for sponsoring our dear Grapefruit. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to Kelly!

Thank you, Kelly for your continued support. Franklin Parker is one of the sweetest guys.  

Thank you, Michelle!

Thank you, Michelle, for your generous sponsorship of Franklin Parker. He is a wonderful, special little boy with great energy despite his setbacks. Thanks to people like you, we can continue helping cats like Franklin Parker. 

Thanks Jennifer For Your Sponsorship of Crystal

 Thank you Jennifer for your donation.  Crystal is a shelter favorite.  Crystal and cats with FIV can lead full lives and thanks to donations like yours, we can provide a safe and happy place for them to live.

Lloyd Sponsors Landry

 Thanks Lloyd for sponsoring Landry.  The volunteers at Whiskers work hard to make a happy home for these cats.  Your niece and our volunteer, Kathy, appreciates your support. 

Carol Sponsors Leaf

Thanks Carol for your sponsorship of Leaf.  Donations like yours makes a big difference in the lives of these cats. 

Kelly Strikes Again--This Time She Sponsors Shadow

 Thank you so much Kelly for your support.  Shadow and her friends at Whiskers appreciate your continued support.

Thank You Jean For Your Sponsorship And I Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit

Thank you Jean for your sponsorship of Parfait, Daryl, Millie and Curtis.  And we are glad to hear how much you enjoyed your visit to our shelter.  We have such wonderful cats that live there and it is amazing how fast they capture your heart. 

Thanks Jo Ann for the Sponsorship and Meds Donation

Thank you Jo Ann for sponsoring Leonardo, Crystal, Casey and Landry.  And thank you for donating the medical supplies to us.  Thanks to thoughtful people like you, we are able to help these cats.  We have many cats that have medical issues and we provide them with everything they need. 

Diane Sends Curtis and Leaf to CA

Thank you Diane for sponsoring Curtis and Leaf.  I hope Diane in California enjoys their pictures.  Your donation helps us provide food and shelter to cats like Curtis and Leaf.

Kelly Sponsors Another Cat

Thanks Kelly for sponsoring Casey.  Your support helps us provide shelter for cats like Casey who would not have a place to live. 

Curtis Wishes Barbara a Happy Birthday

Thank you Barbara for sponsoring Curtis.   We and all of the cats at Whiskers wish you a Happy Birthday!