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2017 Petco Foundation Grant


Petco Foundation


Whiskers Animal Benevolent League would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the Petco Foundation for the generous $1,500 grant. This grant will allow us to fund about a dozen cats in our foster program during 2017, including expenses for: nursing sick cats and kittens back to health; testing for FeLV/FIV; vaccinations; and spay or neuter. Thank you Petco Foundation!

Whiskers has a Problem and We Need Your Help

We are a no-kill shelter that gives sanctuary to older cats, feral cats, disabled cats, black cats, white cats, cute cats, and crabby cats – any cat in need. Each year we provide shelter, food, and medical services for the adult cats in our facility. We can house about 130 cats and, with adoptions and intake, we provide a home to more than 200 adult cats a year.

Weeble: so cute and so in need of care

In addition, our foster program handles more than 300 kittens each year. Each kitten costs us about $175 for exam, immunizations, and spay/neuter services. That’s a minimum outlay of $52,500 for just the kittens! We charge an adoption fee, but it doesn’t cover all the costs, especially if there is a kitten with a disability like Weeble. This little sweetheart was born with a chest deformity and cerebellar hypoplasia. He will need more than normal medical care and a special loving home. Whiskers won’t take the easy way out; he will have a chance at life and a loving home.

Whiskers has been helping cats for more than 35 years in the Capital Region. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3, all-volunteer rescue group. No salaries or perks for our humans; the donations we receive go to the care of our cats.

But as we said, Whiskers has a problem. We are running low on funds to keep our sanctuary open and our foster program funded. We need your help to keep providing these services that are unique in our area.

Sponsor A Cat


Become part of our Purr Pack today!


The Whiskers Sponsor-A-Cat program gives you the opportunity to hear the stories of a few our cats and become a proud sponsor of one (or more!) of these beautiful and loving cats. All proceeds will go directly to pay for care, vet visits, medications and other special needs that the cats require. By becoming a member of the Purr Pack, you just provide a minimum tax deductible donation of $25 towards your cat and you will be given a sponsor packet in return.
** This is a one-time donation.  The Sponsorship Payment Options page will detail how easy it is to become a sponsor.

We want you to know that every Whiskers' cat will benefit from your generous donation. All the residents and volunteers wish to thank you for supporting us!

Purr Pack Levels:

Black Cats Rule

If A Black Cat Crosses Your Path...You are the Lucky One!
Some people tend to be funny about black cats.  They sometimes don’t adopt them because inky, slinky black cats are “too common” compared to other colors and breeds.  Other folks sometimes have onerous superstitions (oh, no!) about these little dark darlings. They are associated with witches! They are...somehow evil? (Isn’t that what it said on the package of Halloween candy I bought? I’m pretty sure I saw one riding on the back of a broom stick!!!) Well, that’s just not true. Not any of it!
Here’s the real deal about black cats: 

My Cat Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer: Would Chemotherapy Help or Hurt?

A Whiskers Volunteer Shares Her Experiences and What She Learned When Sammy Got Sick


30 Years


Making a Difference for Over 30 Years!

The gift of life is wrapped in your support... Thank you from all of us.


The story of Whiskers Animal Benevolent League began in 1982 in an antique store on Delaware Avenue, owned and operated by the late Joan Duer, an avid animal lover who was deeply concerned about the proliferation of stray cats and kittens in the City of Albany. In an effort to combat this growing problem, and to provide aid for cats and kittens in need of good, safe homes, Joan opened the Whiskers Thrift Store – with all proceeds from its sales going to finance the cost of spaying and neutering stray animals and providing them with shelter.

From this small, one-woman crusade, Whiskers Animal Benevolent League – which also sought to find foster and permanent homes for stray dogs in its early years – went forward to open a shelter for abandoned, abused, sick and feral cats and kittens, adhering to a strict no-kill philosophy. The life of every animal who passed through the doors of Whiskers was considered precious, and that policy, above all, continues to guide the work of Whiskers Animal Benevolent League 30 years later.

The Whiskers shelter itself, while it has been located in various storefronts, apartments, and other sites throughout the City of Albany in the years since its founding, has grown tremendously. In addition to the shelter itself,

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