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Become part of our Purr Pack today!


The Whiskers Sponsor-A-Cat program gives you the opportunity to hear the stories of a few our cats and become a proud sponsor of one (or more!) of these beautiful and loving cats. All proceeds will go directly to pay for care, vet visits, medications and other special needs that the cats require. By becoming a member of the Purr Pack, you just provide a minimum tax deductible donation of $25 towards your cat and you will be given a sponsor packet in return.
** This is a one-time donation.  The Sponsorship Payment Options page will detail how easy it is to become a sponsor.

We want you to know that every Whiskers' cat will benefit from your generous donation. All the residents and volunteers wish to thank you for supporting us!

Purr Pack Levels:

$25: Purr Pack Friend
-Certificate of Sponsorship
- Recognition of your gift on our website

$50: Purr Pack Family
- Everything at previous level plus,
- Whiskers Magnet

$100 Purr Pack Hero
- Everything at previous levels plus,
- Whiskers Notepad and Pen

$250: Purr Pack Guardian Angel
- Everything at previous levels plus,
- Whiskers Mouse Pad


Give the Gift of Love
Make a Gift Donation! You can celebrate any person, pet, friendship or occasion including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations while helping us to continue our mission: to rescue, nurture and adopt cats into loving forever homes! With your donation, we will send a sponsor packet on your behalf to the loved one of your choice in celebration of that special event or holiday. You can even write them a personalized message!

Memorial Donations
The memory of a loved one can live on by making a donation to help us love and nurture the cats at our shelter. With your donation, we will send a sponsor packet on your behalf to the loved one’s family.

Matching Gifts
Did you know that many employers will match donations to local charities? Ask them to sponsor a cat too!

Please feel free to read our Where Have They Gone stories about other furry friends!

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Sponsor Me:

Katie Kalee


Sending Love to the Wellington Brothers!

Thanks Natalya for the family sponsorship for James & Mario Wellington!  Whiskers appreciates your support.

Courtney & Todd sponsor Dutch & Jupiter Kittens

Thank you for your Friend sponsorships in memory of Haley & Baxter and in honor of Tempest, George and Charlie.
The kitties say Meow!!

Thank you Jaime for your 4 Friend Sponsorships!

Jaime, a repeat sponsor, has once again donated to help Artemus, Buddy Boy, Kenosha & Callisto & kittens.    Thank you for your continued support.  We couldn't do it without your help!

Hero Sponsorship for Weeble!!

Thank you Cathy for donation to help little Weeble!  We appeciate all you do for Whiskers!

Friend Sponsorships for little Weeble!

Thanks to the following for sponsoring Weeble: Leah, Wendy, Linda and Susan just for love!

Thanks to Samantha who sponsored Weeble with some extra birthday money she had!

Daysha has sponsored Weeble in memory of Corrine Smith.  Thank you.

Whiskers thanks all of you for your support.  We couldn't do it without you!


Jupiter Kittens get a Family sponsorship on behalf of Ilene for her Birthday!

Thank you Ilene for requesting donations to Whiskers in lieu of gifts for your birthday.  And thank you Patrice, for your Family sponsorship for Ilene!

Birthday Donation received on behalf of Ilene

Thank you Janet for your generous donation of $200.  Happy Birthday Ilene!!

Kenosha Kittens receive a Super Friend Sponsorship!!

Thanks to Havey & Nellie for sponsoring the Kenosha Kittens!  We couldn't have rescured this family without your support!

A Big Shout Out to Lorene for her Guardian Angel Sponsorship!

Whiskers cannot thank you enough for your Callisto 5 kittens Guardian Angel Sponsorship and for all you do to help with our kittens.   We couldn't do it without your continued support!

Thank you Jaime for your 4 Friend Sponsorships!

We couldn't do it without your support!  Otis, Dutch, Finbar and The Jupiter Kittens say meow!

A Friend sponsorship for Lovey!

To Assatta on her birthday.  Thank you!

Buddy Boy gets a Friend Memorial Sponsorship

From Robyn, in memory of her little Barbie.  Thank you!