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Today at PetSmart

Whiskers is pleased to be the in-store adoption partner for PetSmart in Clifton Park, New York. Our relationship with PetSmart allows us to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens in a retail setting. We bring an assortment of cats to PetSmart's adoption center where they are on display for up to two weeks at a time. During their stay, the cats are cared for by Whiskers volunteers and are available for adoption during any of our five weekly adoption clinics (see hours listed on lower left side of page).

Whiskers has over 100 cats in its shelter and dozens more in foster care. The cats and kittens below are at PetSmart today!

Click HERE to to be pre-approved for adoption.



Charm is a very pretty, dilute peach and grey tortie girl who was born in 2005. She was rescued by Whiskers as a kitten, was adopted, and then returned to us in 2012 when her owners didn’t want her anymore. She has been declawed, which was probably great for their furniture, but not so great for Charm, who probably didn’t understand why they did that to her. Our girl also has urinary crystals, which is easily controlled with special food, and she lives at Whiskers right now with other kitties with this condition. She is very healthy, can be very affectionate and is a favorite with the volunteers who see her ever day. Like other torties, Charm has a good sense of herself and will tell you when she has had enough petting and overstimulation, but is a sweet and loving girl and likes to play! Charm likes other cats, although she doesn’t really seek them out for snuggling, and could be very happy as an only cat receiving gentle attention, or with other quiet kitties, as long as she receives the proper diet for her crystal condition. Please come meet her! She would love to have a home of her own again!


I love attention and love to be pet. I get along with other cats.

Luke Duke

My siblings and I were living outside with our dad where a nice woman would feed us and read us stories. We wanted to be in her house, but she wouldn't let us in. It was getting cold and luckily she called Whiskers and they came to get us. Now, I've gotten used to being inside and being someones pet. I love to be pet and held, but are a bit scared of things going on around me. It may take me a little bit of time to relax in a new home, but I promise to be good.


I crave attention and cuddle time. I'm silly and fun and like to play. I love to sit in laps. Did I mention I like to cuddle? When I'm not cuddling with you, I'd like to be playing with another kitty in the household so I'm never lonely.


I'm a super friendly guy who loves people and gets along well with other cats.