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Today at PetSmart

Whiskers is pleased to be the in-store adoption partner for PetSmart in Clifton Park, New York. Our relationship with PetSmart allows us to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens in a retail setting. We bring an assortment of cats to PetSmart's adoption center where they are on display for up to two weeks at a time. During their stay, the cats are cared for by Whiskers volunteers and are available for adoption during any of our five weekly adoption clinics (see hours listed on lower left side of page).

Whiskers has over 100 cats in its shelter and dozens more in foster care. The cats and kittens below are at PetSmart today!

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I am a sweet and loving cat who always has something to say. Purring is something I do all the time no matter what I'm doing. I'm used to kids and being carried around and included in playtime. I do best with another kitten friend to keep me company. I would be a wonderful and loving addition to any home.


The day before Halloween, I started getting really afraid to be living on my own on the streets in Schenectady and it was getting really cold. I'd been watching this lady from her porch and she had an indoor kitty who she treated well. So when I had a chance, I bolted into her garage for warmth. She kept me for the night and gave me food. She couldn't keep me because her kitty doesn't like others, but she got Whiskers to find me a foster home right away. I was very malnourished and had lost a lot of my hair. But it's all back and I am healthy and ready for my home. I'm a little shy when you meet me because I was on my own for a while, but I like to cuddle and I like to be pet. Take a gamble on me?

Luke Duke

My siblings and I were living outside with our dad where a nice woman would feed us and read us stories. We wanted to be in her house, but she wouldn't let us in. It was getting cold and luckily she called Whiskers and they came to get us. Now, I've gotten used to being inside and being someones pet. I love to be pet and held, but are a bit scared of things going on around me. It may take me a little bit of time to relax in a new home, but I promise to be good.


Sampson has everything going for him! He's beautiful, young, friendly and gentle. He's not timid or shy and is happy to go exploring through the house to check everything out. He has lived with children and a large dog in a foster home and adapted well in that environment. The only thing this guy needs is a home of his own. He was abandoned in an apartment when his owners moved and his beautiful long hair had become unkempt so we shaved him down to clean him up. In this photo his hair has been shaved, but he has lovely long hair when it is grown out. Come and meet our special boy!

Thistle & Theodore

Thistle (female, mackerel tabby) and Theodore (male, classic tabby) are sweet siblings that came to us with 11 other other kittens from multiple moms. Thistle is shy enjoys sitting on your lap for petting. Theodore is more outgoing and loves to play. He will invite himself up on your lap. They love each other and get along well with other cats. They must be adopted together.