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Today at PetSmart

Whiskers is pleased to be the in-store adoption partner for PetSmart in Clifton Park, New York. Our relationship with PetSmart allows us to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens in a retail setting. We bring an assortment of cats to PetSmart's adoption center where they are on display for up to two weeks at a time. During their stay, the cats are cared for by Whiskers volunteers and are available for adoption during any of our five weekly adoption clinics (see hours listed on lower left side of page).

Whiskers has over 100 cats in its shelter and dozens more in foster care. The cats and kittens below are at PetSmart today!

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Blue is a friendly, playful kitten who loves people, cats and dogs.


I am a very sweet, lovely bottle fed kitten looking for a loving home. I get along with everyone and would love to be part of your home.




Hi, my name is Suzette and I am a young petite girl. I have been rescued recently from the streets and I am very happy to be an indoor kitty. I may have been an outside kitty but I love people, when I see someone I love to give head-bumps and say hello. I like to cuddle and enjoy chin rubs as I purr my heart out. I would be fine as an only kitty, but could get along with other respectful kitties.


Whiskey is a sweet male kitten. He is very independent and explores everything by himself. He likes to play with his siblings and is very energetic. He runs around the house like a race car driver, then falls down and goes to sleep. He is very affectionate, and would be a loving kitten for anyone to take home.


Whitley is a sweet kitten. She is very affectionate and loving. She loves to be cuddled and given kisses. Whitley and Whitney pal around together. They play really hard and run around the house chasing each other. She would be a great family pet. She is very playful and likes to be around people.


Whitney came to me craving love and affection. She is a people kitten and loves to be held and given kisses. She will invite herself up to you and want all your attention. She loves to play with her siblings and is really a cuddle bunny. She follows me all around the house and wants to know everything I'm doing. She would be a great family pet with kids.


Whiz is the second male in the litter. He is very calm, but can play hard. Whiz and Wip pal around together and play together. He is very sweet and loves to be cuddled and loved. He will give kisses and is loving. He loves to play games with you and sit by you when you are sitting down. He will be a loving pet for any family.


Wip came to me very shy and scared. She is the smallest in the liter. She has progressed so well. Once she knows you, she will come to you and loves kisses and hugs. She can be still scared at times, but patience is all it takes with her. She has the eyes, that when she looks at you, you can't help but love her. Wip pals around with Whiz and they can play hard. She can keep up with her siblings and gives them a run for their money. She would make a great addition to your home, but still needs love and attention.