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Today at PetSmart

Whiskers is pleased to be the in-store adoption partner for PetSmart in Clifton Park, New York. Our relationship with PetSmart allows us to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens in a retail setting. We bring an assortment of cats to PetSmart's adoption center where they are on display for up to two weeks at a time. During their stay, the cats are cared for by Whiskers volunteers and are available for adoption during any of our five weekly adoption clinics (see hours listed on lower left side of page).

Whiskers has over 100 cats in its shelter and dozens more in foster care. The cats and kittens below are at PetSmart today!

Click HERE to to be pre-approved for adoption.



I am an energetic kitty who always likes to know what you are doing. I will play with anything! I like to be around you and sleep with you at night and during naps. My sister is Dora, who I love very much.

Billy Boy

I'm a 5 month old little boy and I love to play! I bounce to get at my toys and chase my feather toy everywhere. I am still learning to trust people. I need a home that's willing to continue to work with me. Once you get a hold of me, I love having my neck scratched. Please let me learn to be your sweet kitty!


Cersei is a shy little girl who needs time and patience to get used to new people. She loves other kitties and would be a perfect companion for one. She is not used to being picked up but she will let you. When she gets to know a person she enjoys belly rubs and attention as she talks for more of it.

Dalilah (Hurricane Harvey)

Dalilah was one of the "Lucky Eleven" cats rescued from shelters in the south after Hurricane Harvey. She's a beautiful little medium-haired calico who was born in the summer of 2015. Dalilah was already up for adoption in Louisiana after her owner had surrendered her. The shelter needed space to take in cats abandoned or separated from their owners during the storm, so they sent Dalilah and others to shelters out of the area to make cage space for the new rescues coming in. Dalilah is a sweet girl with young-kitty energy. She loves playing with her toys and will sit in your lap when she's done playing. She could live with older children, but is not the best fit for very small children since she thinks hands are toys for her to play with. She's gentle and mindful to not use her claws during play, but she could be a little too much for young kids. Older kids may like her energy and playful spirit. She is not fond of other cats so she would love to be the queen of your castle as the only cat in the home. Please consider giving this beautiful little calico girl the loving forever home she deserves.


I am a friendly and curious kitty. I love to follow you around and know what you are doing. I will sit on your lap when you are reading or watching TV. My sister is Bell, who I love very much.


My name is Maybe. I am about 8 months old. I am shy at first but adjust quickly. I love to be cuddled and enjoy laying in my bed or on my foster mom. I am constantly kneading with my paws and am used to nail trims! I enjoy being pet and playing. I don't mind dogs (especially small ones) and like other cats although I prefer ones with low energy. I enjoy a low key environment without loud noises. I am a sweet girl and am hoping to find my forever home!