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Today at PetSmart

Whiskers is pleased to be the in-store adoption partner for PetSmart in Clifton Park, New York. Our relationship with PetSmart allows us to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens in a retail setting. We bring an assortment of cats to PetSmart's adoption center where they are on display for up to two weeks at a time. During their stay, the cats are cared for by Whiskers volunteers and are available for adoption during any of our five weekly adoption clinics (see hours listed on lower left side of page).

Whiskers has over 100 cats in its shelter and dozens more in foster care. The cats and kittens below are at PetSmart today!

Click HERE to to be pre-approved for adoption.



Debbie is a big long haired girl who looks like she might be part Maine Coon. She is mostly a tabby, but if you look close you can see some orange flecks in her coat that show an underlying tortoiseshell color. Tortoiseshell cats are known for their attitude, or "tortitude", and this underlying coloring in her coat could explain where Debbie gets her attitude from. She is very confident and likes people, but she will tell you when she disagrees with you. If she is picked a spot to sit and you try to move her, she will make her displeasure known. She expects people to be her servants and do her bidding. Due to this attitude, she would be best in a home without small children. She loves to be picked up and held and will purr to let you know she likes it. She was born in 2013. If you are looking for a sassy, beautiful cat with attitude Debbie might be the one for you!


Levi is very gentle and mellow. He loves to be patted and will look to you for words of encouragement or just a hello. He is a little shy at first but quickly warms up to love and cuddling. When you pet him he pushes back into your hand like he just can't get enough. Levi is a great companion! He loves to cuddle and will want to sleep with you at night. He enjoys his cuddle cup if you aren’t around and enjoys sitting up high on his cat post.


RILEY is a pretty and petite red tabby female. She was found hungry with an injured leg in November. Her rescuer brought her to the vet and now she is happy and healthy. Riley is a sweet girl, but doesn't do well with other cats; she is a little skittish around dogs and young children. She loves to be the center of attention and would do well in a quiet home as an only cat.


Hi there, I'm Romeo! I'm only two years old and a really cool cat! I was abandoned by my owner and now I'm looking for a new home. I'm a handsome feline, but don't let my good looks fool you -- I've got heart and soul, and I'm a total love bug! Can I come home with you and we can hang out together?