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Jupiter's Kittens


A pretty little calico cat was living on the streets of Albany.  Somehow she made it through the harsh winter and at the end of March the cat found a spot to have her kittens in a basement window well.  There was a layer of leaves and a plastic cover over the well that would serve to keep them hidden and out of the wind and wet weather.  She had the good fortune to choose the home of some nice people that care about cats and they happened to see her going in and out of her hiding spot to search for food.  They contacted Whiskers and now Jupiter and her four kittens, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune are safe in a foster home.

Jupiter's story is just one of the many to be told every kitten season.  Whiskers ability to rescue moms and kittens is only limited by our resources.  Our adoption fee of $75 only covers 1/3 of the average healthy kitten's vet costs to prepare them for adoption.  Please consider sponsoring Jupiter and her kittens.

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