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Cocoa & Puff


It seemed like an ordinary call to Whiskers.  There was an unowned mom and her three kittens living under someone’s front steps in the city.  But, rescue rarely goes as planned. When the volunteers arrived, they saw a small, thin cat with a bloody face.  The man that lives in the house said the mom cat had been attacked by an animal a day or two ago and it gouged her eye out.  It looked horrific and she needed medical attention. Mom was really hungry so she just walked right into the trap to get something to eat.  Then a little kitten peeked her head out from the boarded up area under the steps where she couldn’t be reached.  It wasn’t long before the smell of Fancy Feast lured her into the trap. She was too tiny for it to close by her weight, but she wasn’t fast enough to get out before the door could be nudged shut.  While one volunteer waited for the other two kittens to come out from their hiding spot, the other rushed the mom cat to the vet clinic that was just about to close.  The hope was to get the other kittens before nightfall and not have to let mom back out to keep them safe.  Upon examination, the doctor could tell that her injury was not from an animal attack, but it was a gash in her head from being struck with something sharp - maybe she was hit by a car, maybe someone threw something at her.  The swelling was so bad it looked like her eye was missing, but miraculously it wasn't.  Meanwhile, a neighbor told the other volunteer that a woman stopped her car and snatched two of the kittens earlier that morning.  Sadly, mom only has one kitten left and no one knows what became of the others.  We named the mom, Cocoa.  She was injured and frightened; practically a kitten herself.  Cocoa has been rehabilitating in body and spirit at her foster home with her little girl, Puff.

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