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Fiddle, Faddle and Finbar: A Rescue Story

Whiskers was recently alerted to a sad situation at the Village One apartment complex in Menands: a kind man was trying his best to feed and care for an outside colony of ten stray cats, but the kitties were getting sicker and colder as winter temperatures continued to drop.  The man contacted a number of other rescue organizations with no success, but then found us.  As a result, we rescued Fiddle, Faddle and Finbar, took them to one of our partner vets, and are working to get these kitties healthy.
Fiddle, a gray girl, is already recuperating at our shelter with an ulcer on her tongue and evidence of a previously broken jaw which has made it hard for her to eat.  Faddle, a short haired black male, has been extremely sick with an ulcerated tongue, eye, and terrible upper respiratory infection that has caused him to cough up blood.  Finbar, a sweet long-haired black cat, is suffering from similar health problems.  Both are still in the woods medically, but slowly improving.  We hope they will be able to leave the vet soon. 
Whiskers was glad to help out in this sad situation and we regret that six of the other kitties in this colony died before we were able to intervene. (The tenth cat, happily, was adopted by one of the tenants at Village One.  And Fiddle, when she is completely well, will go home with the man who was trying to help the colony in the first place!)
We at Whiskers are very grateful to our friends and supporters who have contributed to the care of Fiddle, Faddle and Finbar.  As an all-volunteer private shelter that does not receive any government funding, and that relies almost entirely on the kindness of the public to support our mission, we couldn’t save kitties like this without your help.
Your donations are what keep us going and make us able to step in to save cats and kittens who might otherwise not have a chance.  Thank you and please help us continue our efforts!
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